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Our country is pushed against social and economic problems. Poverty remains the most serious of them all that trigggered social unrest. The pumping cost of crude oil that greatly increased the prices of prime commodities sometimes beyond reach of poor families, the influx of graduates without ready employment contributed to economic turmoil. Thus, humanity had to explore the optimization of resources for productive endeavor.


In North-Western Luzon, the gateway to the modern economics of Japan, China and Taiwan, sericulture has been proven as a revenue contributor and gainful employment of people from different walks of life. It is a viable industry that supports government’s thrust particularly addressing the plight of the less fortunate countrymen.


Foreign and local researchers and extensionists claimed that sericulture provides substantial income for the farmer, his family members, local folks and even entreprenuers. It generates a year round income much higher than seasonal crops like sugarcane, peanut, etc. It does not alter the existing farming systems but augment farming needs by utilizing sparingly-used lands for a more productive venture.


Interestingly, there are many options to choose from but the whole package would guarantee a larger income. Normally, sub trees are prunned every 60-75 and prunned stems may be used for sapling production or dried for cooking. Two months later, the leaves will be fed to silkworms producing cocoons for the market. Low quality cocoons if cut and prepared as novelty products command high price with high economic returns.


On the otherhand, filature operations also call for the services of community folks processing cocoons into yarn and further into fabric.


This farming business does not require placement fees now influential backers for job placement. Build your future with your own initiative. Every situation has its own time, they will pass anyway. So press on towards the God of success. (RCCarasi).