From left: SRDI researchers, Engr. Rubelyn V. Delfin, Dr. Mabel M. Caccam, OIC-Director, Dr. Cristeta F. Gapuz and Ms. Elizabeth H. Madrid taking a pose after the awarding ceremonies of the World Research Festival 2012.


SRDI delegatesled by the OIC-Director, Cristeta F. Gapuz, showed they are world class researchers when they bagged awards including the World’s Best Dressed Award in different categories during the World Research Festival 2012 sponsored by International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE) held on August 22-24, 2012 at the Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu City, Philippines.


Dr. Mabel M. Caccam with her paper, “Sustaining Higher Production and Income Through Integrated Nutrient Management in Sericulture-Agroforestry Systems” under the Business and Management and Institutional Research Stream, received the Diamond Award, 1st Place as World’s Best Oral Research Presenterand Platinum Award, 2nd place as Best in PowerPoint Presentation. Engr. Rubelyn V. Delfin bested all other presenters under the Education andSocial Science Stream by winning two Diamond Awards as World’s Best Oral Research Presenter and Best in Power Point Presentation with her paper, “Improvement and Utilization of DMMMSU-SRDI Epprouvette”.


Ms. Elizabeth H. Madrid who competed under the Information Technology, Engineering & Technology; & Mathematics Stream placed 1st as Best in PowerPoint Presentation and 3rd with    Gold Award as World’s Best Oral Presenter with  her paper, “Seasonal Performance of Bivoltine Silkworm Hybrids in La Union”.


Dr. Cristeta F. Gapuz with her paper,“Sericulture: A Tool for Climate Change Adaptation and Income Generation: The CHED-DMMMSU-Client Partnership”, also received a Platinum Award as World’s Best Oral Presenter and a Diamond Award as Best in Power Point Presentation.


For such accolades,Atty. Benjamin P. Sapitula as President of DMMMSU and Dr. Cristeta F. Gapuz as OIC-Director of SRDI were each awardedthe World Research Productivity Award in the same venue with the theme: “Research that Changed the World”.


It seems that SRDI is already paving the way for DMMMSU to become a world class university . . . (Well, nothing is impossible . . . LET’S WORK AND SEE…)