Just recently, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) of the Philippines under the Bureau of Patents released the certificates of registration as Industrial Design for  the five suksuk designs of silk fabric and the Epprouvette, a silk  testing apparatus. Kudos to PRD section headed by Mr. Flory M. Libunao. The patented silk designs patented were research outputs of Ms. Milagros S. Nillo, Engr. Rubelyn V. Delfin, and Mr Flory M. Libunao,  included the Suksuk Integrated Bar of the Phils. logo, Suksuk Binakol Wheel Type, Suksuk Binakol Diamond, Binakol Diamond/Rectangle 2 and Suksuk Butterfly with Registration Nos. 3-2012-000709, 3-2012-000710, 3-2012-000711, 3-2012-000712, 3-2012-000713 respectively.


The DMMMSU-SRDI Epprouvette with Registration No. 3-2012-000559, a cocoon and raw silk testing apparatus was developed by the late Engr. Walfredo P. Ubungen, Mr. Romualdo V. Pascua, Engr. Rubelyn V. Delfin and Mr. Arnel T. Valdeabella.


The  application for IP was diligently attended to by Engr. Delfin and the certificates were finally picked up  last August 9, 2012 at IPO, Manila.


Indeed, it takes special skill and talent to create something distinct especially if it carries or symbolizes our own Filipino heritage. And what would be more rewarding than receiving various awards for the “creation” you  worked hard for as well as seeing your product patronized not only by friends and co-workers but also endorsed by politicians thus acclaiming national popularity? Our Post Cocoon Research and Development section head, his researchers, Ms. Milagros S. Nillo, Engr. Rubelyn V. Delfin, our weavers and everybody who helped in this endeavor must be very proud to enjoy such recognition.


The five suksuk designs:

ipo_001 ipo_002 ipo_003 ipo_004 ipo_005



SRDI Epprouvette